Gori Nagori Net Worth, Height, Weight, Career, BB16 Contesant

Here is Gori Nagori Net Worth, Height, Weight, Career, and BB16 Contesant. Gori Nagori is an amazing dancer in India. She is also known as Haryanvi and Rajasthani Shakira all over India. Gori Nagori was born on 11th June 1990. She was born in Rajasthan, India. She has a good physique. Gori Nagori is also very educated. Gori Nagori is an amazing stage performer also. She has also participated in the recent Bigg Boss Hindi season 16. Due to less Bigg Boss online voting given to her, she was evicted from the house in the early weeks.

Gori Nagori has a great interest in dancing. She also takes part in various dance competitions at her school and college. She has also won various dancing awards. Gori Nagori has danced to many Haryanvi and Rajasthani songs. She was very confident in the Bigg Boss Hindi 16 house. She has an amazing personality all her fans are fond of her.

Gori Nagori Net Worth, Height, Weight, Career, BB16 Contesant

Gori Nagori Net Worth:

Gori Nagori has made her career by giving many incredible dancing performances. She has danced to the songs of different blockbuster singers. She has also done amazing music videos which have got an amazing fan following. Gori Nagori net worth is approximately more than dollar 0.2 million. This net worth in Indian rupees is approximately between 1 to 2 crores.

Gori Nagori has earned all this money through her dancing, Bigg Boss Hindi 16 episodes, and other stage shows. She also gets money from her social media followers. Gori Nagori has a monthly salary of 5 to 10 lakh Indian rupees. She is a very experienced dancer. Gori Nagori has earned a lot of money from her dancing skills.

Gori Nagori Height, Weight & Physical Appearance:

She has an amazing body physique. Gori Nagori has a height of 5 feet 5 inches. She is 60 kg in weight approximately. Gori Nagori has maintained her physique. Her hair color is black. She has long hair which looks very beautiful. Her eye color is also black which looks very interesting.

Gori Nagori has body measurements of 35 30 35. She is an outstanding dancer in the Bigg Boss Hindi 16 show. She has participated and she used to maintain her physical fitness by doing exercises and dancing.

Gori Nagori Bigg Boss Hindi 16 Updates:

She participated in the Bigg Boss Hindi season 16. She played very well in the show in the early weeks. But after that, her participation in different tasks was reduced. Due to this, her fans give less number of Bigg Boss online votes to her. So because of the less number of Bigg Boss online voting in season 16, she was evicted from the house very early. She was a very amazing and beautiful personality. But because of less number of votes, she was evicted from the house.

How to Vote Gori Nagori Bigg Boss Hindi 16?

The voting lines for Gori Nagori in the Bigg Boss Hindi season 16 were open when she was in the house. Right now, she is eliminated from the house. So you can’t vote for her. The fans of Bigg Boss Hindi season 16 can easily do voting for their favorite contestant other than Gori Nagori in the house. The contestants who are available and playing efficiently in the house should be voted by the people.

This Bigg Boss online voting can be done through Voot’s official website or mobile application. This Voot application can easily be installed on your mobile phone whether it will be Android or iPhone. So vote for your favorite contestant and save them from elimination. You can do amazing Bigg Boss voting for them. This is the way your favorite contestants will be saved from elimination through your Bigg Boss online votes.

Gori Nagori Career Details:

Gori Nagori is an amazing dancer and television artist in India. She is famous for her dance performances in various songs.

  • Gori Nagori has danced to a Rajasthani song known as lay photo le. This was done on 22 September 2018. After this song, she gets popular and was a super hit in Rajasthan.
  • Then she was also very famous for doing Haryanvi songs. The songs include Teri Meri Baat Bigad Jayegi in 2021, Balma in 2021, gender in 2020, and Gam Ka Pani in 2021.
  • Gori Nagori has also participated as a guest dancer at Rajasthan University. She was invited there for an inauguration event.
  • Gori Nagori has also a song called ghagra in 2018. This song gets many views on YouTube. This song got more than 16 million views only in one day. This was the world record that was broken by Gori Nagori.
  • After that, she participated in the Bigg Boss Hindi season 16. She participated well in all the tasks. Gori Nagori showed full confidence and strength while playing in the Bigg Boss Hindi season 16 house as a contestant.

Gori Nagori Fan Following:

Gori Nagori has an amazing fan following. Because of their amazing dance performances, she is much loved by people who love singing and dancing. Gori Nagori has danced to various songs from different popular singers.

Following are the details of her fans on different social media accounts:

  • Instagram Followers:

Gori Nagori has 530K followers on her Instagram account. She has 1301 posts on her account. Gori Nagori possesses 10 followings. Her Instagram is managed by her management team while she was in the Bigg Boss season 16 house. She posts usually about herself and different dancing reals.

  • Facebook Followers:

Gori Nagori has 169K followers on her Facebook profile. She is much followed by the people in Rajasthan. Gori Nagori is a loved personality. She is also very dear and nice to everyone.

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