Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss Hindi 16 Net Worth, Career, How to Vote?

People can get to know here Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss Hindi 16 Net Worth, Career, and how to vote for Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss Hindi 16 online for saving him from elimination. Abdu Rozik is a known Bigg Boss Hindi season 16 contestant. He is a famous singer and boxer from Tajikistan. He also has the award for being the world’s smallest singer. Abdu Rozik got famous due to his rap songs in the Tajik language. Also, Bigg Boss Hindi 16, was the first contestant introduced by Salman Khan.

He is one of the most loved and watched contestants on Bigg Boss. He has a huge fan following in Tajikistan. But now after playing Bigg Boss Hindi 16, he is famous in different parts of the world. His fan following has increased since the start of Bigg Boss’s ongoing season.

Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss Hindi 16 Net Worth, Career, How to Vote

Abdu Rozik Physical Appearance:

Following are the features and physical statistics of Abdu Rozik, the popular contestant of Bigg Boss Hindi 16.

Abdu Rozik has a small height because of rickets’ disease. His stunted growth never made him demotivated. He is 3 feet and one inch tall. Apart from this small height, he is much known and famous because of his hard work and skills. Considering his weight, he has weight 16 kg and 35 lbs in pounds.

Abdu Rozik has dark brown color and black color hair. He has a very charming look. Many of his fans adore him because of his look and dress.

Abdu Rozik Career Details:

  1. Abdu Rozik has now become a star in various parts of the world. He made his debut in World Boxing Championship in 2021. It was very successful for him. He also made a music video in 2019 that was Ohi Dili Zor.
  2. Another music video by Abdu Rozik was released in 2020. The name of the music video was Chaki Chaki Boron. Then in 2021, a music video named Modar was released. It become very famous and become very popular.
  3. He also has command in making Hindi music videos as well.
  4. His Hindi music album Chota Bhaijaan of 2022 is very famous.
  5. A total of 9 songs by Abdu Rozik have been released.
  6. Abdu Rozik has many known famous TV shows. These shows include IIFA awards and MMA fights.

Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss Hindi 16 Updates:

The latest updates about Abdu Rozik in the Bigg Boss Hindi 16 are as follows:

  • Abdu Rozik was evicted from the house because of some professional work outside the house. This decision was made by Bigg Boss himself.
  • After some days Abdu Rozik came back and now he is playing as a strong contender. He is one of the most loved contestants of Bigg Boss Hindi 16 in the ongoing week.
  • He has also become the captain of the house in the current week 14 after accomplishing the task.
  • He was first evicted on 17th December 2022. Then he came back into the house on 23rd December 2022.
  • Now he is playing as a regular contestant and is not nominated in the ongoing week.
  • His captaincy is going very smoothly and he is playing a fair game.

Abdu Rozik Fan Following:

Abdu Rozek, the popular contestant of Bigg Boss Hindi 16 has got many Bigg Boss online votes. He has been saved from various nominations and eliminations because of Bigg Boss Hindi 16 online voting in his favor. He has a huge fan base from all over the world. After coming in Bigg Boss his fans are increased on his numerous social media accounts.

Following is the complete detail of his followers on every account:

Instagram Fan Following:

Abdu Rozik has a fan base of 4.5M followers. He has posted many photos of himself with big celebrities and TV actors from all around the world. It has also been reported that Abdu Rozik charges approximately 2 crores for one post on Instagram. His fans keep on increasing because of his nice gesture. Abdu is a gentleman and possesses a very humble personality. This is why he is much followed worldwide.

YouTube Fan Following:

He has a total of 337K subscribers on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel is named Abdu Rozik by IFTM. This YouTube channel provides the various activities of Abdu Rozik. His fans can easily watch about his interest, hobbies, well-being, and other things he does in his daily life with the help of this YouTube channel.

This YouTube channel has more than 300k subscribers. So his fan base keeps on increasing day by day in different areas of the world about the channel. You can also visit the website for detailed information about his YouTube channel and streaming.

Abdu Rozik Net Worth:

Due to his huge fan following and much earnings through his social media platforms, he has a net worth of rupees 2 crores. In Dollars, it is Dollar 2 lakh approximately. He is one of the popular celebrities of Bigg Boss Hindi season 16. Per their Instagram post, he earns about Rs 2 crore.

Abdu Rozik wears expensive shoes in Bigg Boss’s house. These shoes are of Rs 5000$ approximately. The name of Abdu is written in gold on those shoes. He has much earning potential because of his skills. Abdu Rozik has been a sensation on social media platforms.

  • Abdu Rozik Net Worth: 2 Crores Rupees

Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss Voting:

Here you will get to know about How To vote for Abdu Rozik vote online. So you can easily do Bigg Boss online voting for Abdu Rozik through the Voot website or application. The voting lines open every week after the contestants become nominated.

Abdu Rozik is not nominated for the current week. You have to give him votes to save him from elimination in the future. Hurry up and give Bigg Boss Hindi 16 online votes for saving Abdul Rozek and making him win the season.

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