Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 Contestants, Entries, Winner, Vote Results

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 Contestants, Entries, Winner, Vote Results – Here get to know all the details regarding Bigg Boss Kannada season 1. The winning trophy for the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 is worth INR 50,00,000. Starting on March 24, 2013, and ending on June 30, 2013, the show lasted 99 days. The Kannada Bigg Boss house in Lonavala was outfitted with 47 cameras to record the house’s activities.

The Bigg Boss Kannada participants are selected depending on their reputation and the performing disciplines in which they participate. The Bigg Boss Kannada first season participant live at home and rely on public votes to survive. The number of votes can save a person, and the person with the fewest Bigg Boss votes will be eliminated each week, as per the nomination-elimination process.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 Contestants, Entries, Winner, Vote Results

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 Host:

Kiccha Sudeep hosted Season 1 of the show. Sudeep does an excellent job hosting the Bigg Boss Kannada show. He is in some ways, the reason why so many people watch it. He’s a great host for the Bigg Boss Kannada broadcast, and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 Contestants:

Bigg Boss Kannada’s first season had only 13 competitors. After a few days, there were a few wildcard entries as well. Overall, the participants found the series to be much more fascinating. The first season of Throughout is now airing.

Following are the Bigg Boss Kannada Contestants:

  • Narendra Babu Sharma
  • Aparna
  • Rishi Kumar
  • Jayalakshmu
  • Chandrika
  • Vinayak Joshi
  • Thilak Shekar
  • Shweta Pandit
  • Sanjana
  • Arun Sagar
  • Nikita Thukral
  • Vijay Raghavendra

The contestants are required to stay at the house for 99 days and one or more applicants are eliminated each week. The rejected can be identified in the hands of the audience because there is only one way to determine who will stay in the house and who will be eliminated.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 Wild Card Entries:

Bigg Boss Candidates known as “wild card entry” are those who are invited into the house at the producers’ choice at any moment. The Bigg Boss wild card entries often begin in the mid of the week. They contribute to the show’s TRP and keep the audience engaged as well. At the end of Season 1, there were two wildcard entrants.

  • Rohan Gowda is famous for being a reality show alumni. He is also a bodybuilder.
  • Rishika Singh is a famous actress who has done many movies.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 Guest Entries:

Celebrities are frequently invited as guests, and they engage in conversation with the hosts and other attendees. They frequently appear on the screen as a result of some circumstance or as a marketing ploy for the film. There were a total of two visitors on Big Boss Kannada, and their names can be seen below.

  • Yogesh is a known film actor. He had leading roles in various films including Nanditha, Hudugaru, Dool, Yogi, etc.
  • Rajesh is a reality show alumni. He was also a film actor.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 Winner:

Considering the Bigg Boss online voting results, Vijay Raghavendra was considered the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada season 1. He achieved the maximum number of Big Boss votes and got prize money of 50 lakh INR. The season went on for 99 days. So according to the voting done by the public and Bigg Boss voting results, Vijay Raghavendra Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 winner. While Arun Sagar got the second-highest Bigg Boss votes.

He could not make up to a maximum number of votes but followed Arun Sagar as a runner-up. He continued his journey in the Bigg Boss house from day 1 to the last day.

Bigg Boss Kannada Reviews:

Bigg Boss Kannada season 1 got the highest TRPs as compared to other Kannada shows. The first episode launched had a rating of 4.7 TRP. While the eviction episodes of Kannada season 1 get 6.3 TRP. It was also reported by various news releases that the weekly average was almost 4.7 TRP. The Big Boss votes done by SMS were reported to be 47,000 for each contestant.

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