Shiv Thakeray Net Worth, Bio, Career, How to Vote in BB16 Online

Here is the Shiv Thakeray Net Worth, Bio, Career, and How to Vote in BB16 Online to Shiv Thakeray? Shiv Thakeray is one of the leading contestants of Bigg Boss Hindi season 16. He is an amazing dancer and also a great choreographer. Shiv Thakeray came into the limelight after his participation in Bigg Boss Marathi season 2 and also in Roadies Rising. He is a very talented person who has also been doing event management for a very long time.

Shiv Thakeray is an Indian and is right now playing as a Bigg Boss Hindi 16 contestant. He is of the top contenders in the house because of the Bigg Boss online voting done the favor of his big fans. Shiv is a very talented person who has been known for his best communication and daring skills. He is much confident and plays with all the contestants very efficiently.

Shiv Thakeray Net Worth, Bio, Career, How to Vote in BB16 Online

Shiv Thakeray Net Worth:

Shiv Thakre net worth is approximately rupees 10 crores. His income from Bigg Boss 16 is rupees 500,000 per week. He is a much-demanded contestant in the Bigg Boss house in the current season. Shiv earns this amount of money from his different shows.

He also does even management. From it, he also earns a good income. He has a good fan following on various social media platforms as well so a good amount of money is also earned by him through those platforms.

Shiv Thakeray Physical Appearance:

Shiv Thakeray possesses a very dashing personality. He is tall and handsome. His height is 5 feet 9 inches. He is one of the most attractive contestants of the Bigg Boss 16 house. He weighs 75 kg. Shiv Thakre has black color eyes which look very attractive. His hair color is also black.

He is possessing a very nice personality. He maintains himself and his physique even in the Bigg Boss house. Also, he is playing very calmly and intelligently in the house. He is paying attention to his physical health every day in the house.

Shiv Thakeray Career Details:

Considering career Shiv Thakeray before entering the Bigg Boss Hindi season 16 house was a dancer and choreographer.

  • His dance Studio is there in Maharashtra Amravati. The name of the studio is Shiv Thakeray dance studio. Many students come there for learning dance from him. He teaches dance and also participates in various dance competitions in his area.
  • He is also an event manager. He works in an event management company and helps them organize various events in Maharashtra and surrounding areas. Different types of events including fashion, competition shows, dance shows, and other events are organized by him. He showed great interest in this work.
  • Shiv Thakeray also has done many reality shows. He has been a leading participant in the Bigg Boss Marathi season 2.
  • He has also played in Roadies Rising season 14. So he has a craze for taking part in reality shows.
  • One music video of Shiv Thakre was also released. The video’s name was Kasa Chandra. In the video, he was featured with his ex-girlfriend Veena Jagtap. He performed very well in the music video and got much fame in Maharashtra and the Marathi industries.
  • Considering other shows, he has also participated in Anti Social Network 2019.
  • He has also taken part in MTV Roadies Revolution 2020.
  • Shiv Thakre has also made his appearance in Don special 2019, Mela manoranjanacha 2022, Aaj ke special 2020, etc.

After all this, now he is playing in Bigg Boss Hindi 16 which is hosted by Salman Khan. He has a great career ahead because of his talent and outstanding skills.

Shift Thakre Bigg Boss Hindi 16 Updates:

Shiv Thakeray is recently playing as a strong and prominent player in the Bigg Boss house. He has not been eliminated in the previous weeks. He got nominated many times for different tasks. But he was saved due to Bigg Boss online votes given to him by his fans. Shiv Thakre has also become the captain of the house two times till week 14. He is expected to be in the finalists for Bigg Boss Hindi 16.

Shiv Thakeray Fan Following:

Shiv Thakeray has a huge fan following in Maharashtra as well as surrounding areas. He has a big number of fans on his Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. Following are the details of his fans and posts on different social media accounts:

Instagram Followers:

Shiv Thackeray has a total of 1 million followers on his Instagram account. He has posted 1500+ posts up till now. The posts comprise different photos and videos of him and his work.

Twitter Followers:

On the Twitter account Shiv Thakeray, he has followers. He has 89 followers on his account. He is an amazing actor from Mumbai and joined Twitter on November 2011. It is the official Twitter account of Shiv Thakeray. This account is managed by team shiv Thakre.

He has done many tweets regarding various areas of life. His fans are increasing day by day. After coming in Bigg Boss Hindi 16 Shiv Thackeray’s fan following is increased to much extent. The fans continuously giving a vote for him after knowing how to vote for Shiv Thakre online voting.

Facebook Followers:

Shiv Thakeray has 257 K followers on his Facebook account. His fans are spread all over the world. His main fans are from Maharashtra and surrounding areas. Shiv Thakre has become an icon and a great choreographer and actor in Mumbai. He is playing in the Bigg Boss Hindi 16 right now. He is playing very efficiently due to which his fans are much proud of him. His fans always support him and increase his morale in different shows.

How to Vote Shiv Thakeray Bigg Boss 16 Online?

The answer to how to vote Shiv Thakre Bigg Boss online voting is through the Voot website or application. The fans of Shiv Thakre can easily vote for him to save him from elimination. Every week whenever he gets nominated his fans always save him by voting for him. They will always save him from elimination till the end of the Bigg Boss Hindi 16 show.

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