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Vava Suresh is a well-known environmentalist in South India and specialized in handling snakes. He is a native of Thiruvananthapuram. He also has the support of the Department of Wildlife to protect the venomous snakes that appear in human habitations. It is estimated that he has saved over 50,000 snakes so far. He has involve in a number of ecologically important activities. Including catching rare species of snakes in the wild, releasing abandon snakes and eggs.

In 2019, Suresh win the Kerala State Television Award for Best Composer / Anchor in Non-News Programs. Kaumudi TV The award was give for his presentation on Snake Master.

Vava Suresh was born on Jan, 1974 in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. He was born in a poor family. His nick names are Vasur, Snake Master. Vava Suresh children name is Durga. His parents’ names are Bahuleyan and L. Krishnamma. Vava Suresh completed his schooling in local schools and colleges in Kerala, India. His religion is Hindu. His marital status is married.

Suresh has been dealing with snakes since a very young age, has not received any scientific training in handling snakes. Recently, a documentary film based on the life of Vava Suresh was released. Vava Suresh says he has caught more than 30,000 snakes so far. He also handle 181 highly venomous king cobras. Vava Suresh has found to have some antibodies against snake venom in his body.

Vava Suresh

Vava Suresh Conservation Activites:

Suresh is widely known for his conservation activities like the rescue and release of endangered species of snakes, preservation of collected eggs until hatching, and creating awareness among people about snakes and their behaviour. He releases his reptile collections into natural habitats at regular intervals of time. His efforts to capture venomous snakes from human-populated areas is widely acknowledged.

Vava Suresh Snakebite Incidents:

During his long career of conservation activities, he has bite by snakes numerous times. According to an interview by the news channel ABP Majha, conduct on 5 June 2012, Suresh admit to being kept on a ventilator twice and in ICU four times. In all, he has survive more than 300 venomous snakebites. He was hospitalize in August 2013 for a lethal bite. On 20 June 2015, he was hospitalize for a cobra bite, and on 13 February 2020, he suffere a serious Russell’s viper bite.

On 31 January 2022, at Kottayam, he was bite by a cobra above the knee on his right thigh, while trying to bag it. He was admit to the Government Medical College in Kottayam. This was consider as the worst snakebite that ever happen to him.

Vava Suresh

Vava Suresh Expertise Services:

Suresh provided a statement to police regarding the habits and abilities of Indian cobras and Russell’s vipers in connection to the death of Uthra. A young wife and mother, who was kill by a snakebite inflict while she was asleep Kerala. It was later determine that her husband attempt to murder her. First with a Russell’s viper, and next, with an Indian cobra, succeeding in the second attempt.

Vava Suresh Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Followers:

Following are the complete details of the fans of Vava Suresh. Here are the details of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram followers of Vava Suresh:

Instagram Followers @ vavasuresh

Vava Suresh has 77.8k followers on Instagram. He is a much known personality. Many people love him a lot all his fans have a craze for him.

Twitter Followers @ vavasureshcobra

On Twitter, Vava Suresh has 191 followers. It is not a great number.

Facebook Followers @ IAmVavaSuresh

Vava Suresh Facebook page has 2.1 Million followers. He is known by a lot of people in India as well as in other parts of the world. He is adored by many of his fans.

Vava Suresh Figure, Height, and Body Measurements:

He has a height of 5 feet 9 inches. His weight is 75 kg. His eye and hair color is black. Vava Suresh possesses a very dashing personality. He is praise by his fans for helping community. He has a very attractive personality. Vava Suresh is also very famous for his pic with large cobra snakes.

Vava Suresh

Vava Suresh Net Worth:

As you all are thinking that when he is well know as an Indian wildlife conservationist and a snake catcher then how much he earns and what is the net worth of Vaya Suresh. Vaya Suresh’s net worth is estimate to be around INR Rs. 1 crore as of 2022. Talking about his professional career, he has to date handle more than 50,000 snakes and more than 499 snakes have bite him. He is serving as a wildlife conservationist for the past 20 years and has great expertise in handling snakes.

Vava Suresh

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