Bigg Boss OTT Voting Method – Host – Contestants Connections List

Here is the detail of Bigg Boss OTT Voting Method with Voot app or voot website.  Also, you can check Contestants Connections of Bigg Boss OTT Results. Bigg Boss OTT is the reality show season premiering for the first time. The format of the show is different from other Bigg Boss seasons. Bigg Boss OTT means Bigg Boss Over The Top. It was premiered on August 8, 2021. The telecasting channel of Bigg Boss OTT is Viacom18 service Voot.

This season is quite different from previous ones. It is presented by Karan Johar. He will be the Bigg Boss OTT host. This season will comprise days. 13 contestants will be present in the house among which various connections will be made. It will continue for six weeks then after the end of this season, it will combine with the upcoming Bigg Boss Hindi season 15. Bigg Boss OTT theme is very changed this time.

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Method – Host – Contestants Connections List

Bigg Boss OTT Voting Method – Who will Host Bigg Boss OTT  – Contestant Lists & Connections

Big Boss OTT Voting Method:

Bigg Boss OTT started premiering on 8th August2021. All the selected contestants are present in the house and playing with full strength. Bigg Boss is premiering on the Voot channel. The same elimination procedure will be followed as in the Bigg Boss previous seasons. Bigg Boss OTT voting can save your favorite contestants from elimination. For Bigg Boss OTT online voting you have to log in to the voting website is You can log in through any of your social media accounts.

After voot app login search Big Boss OTT voting, a list of nominated contestants will appear in front of you. Click on the image or name of the contestant that you want to save from elimination. After clicking, your Bigg Boss vote for your favorite contestant will be submitted and saved. If that person got the highest amount of votes then that contestant will be saved from Bigg Boss OTT elimination. So do Bigg Boss OTT online voting for your favorite contestants and save them.

Every week someone will get nominated. In week one Divya Agarwal was nominated due to no connection with her. So if you want Divya Agarwal to be in the Bigg Boss house, then vote for her on the voot website. Stay connected for Bigg Boss OTT voting.

Bigg Boss OTT Host:

Karan Johar will be hosting this year’s Bigg Boss OTT. He will be doing this with full energy and enthusiasm. He has all the abilities to be a good host as he has done this many times. Karan Johar is a filmmaker and a great producer. He will be hosting the Bigg Boss OTT for the first six weeks. This season of Bigg Boss OTT will be providing much access to the viewers.

karan johar bigg boss ott

Bigg Boss OTT Show Format & When Boss OTT Live on Screen:

The Bigg Boss OTT format and theme is Stay Connected. It means the whole show will be based on connections made between the contestants. A total of 13 contestants will enter the house among which 6 are boys and 7 are girls. Pairs will be made among them. If the pairs in Bigg Boss OTT will be maintained by the Bigg Boss OTT contestants then they are saved.

If anyone is unable to maintain then both the members will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss OTT house. This time Bigg Boss OTT will be provided to you through 24/7 camera footage. The Bigg Boss OTT live streaming will be shown at 7 pm from Monday to Saturday while at 8 pm on Sunday.

Bigg Boss OTT Contestants/Cast List:

Bigg Boss OTT contestants list is finalized as two episodes have already been premiered. All the contestants are TV celebrities and popular. 13 Bigg Boss OTT contestants have entered the house. The Bigg Boss OTT voting will be the way to vote for your favorite contestant and save them.

All the contestants are amazing and will be saved in the house through your Bigg Boss OTT online vote.

Bigg Boss OTT Connections:

This Bigg Boss OTT is based on a connection theme. All the contestants will pair up and find their connections. Right now 13 contestants are playing in the house. They have made their connections in the Bigg Boss OTT premier night. The connections made in the Bigg Boss OTT house are:

  • Raqesh and Shamita
  • Millind and Neha
  • Urfi and Zeeshan
  • Muskaan and Nishant
  • Karan and Ridhima
  • Akshara and Pratik

Divya Agarwal is left with no connection. She is nominated in the first week of the Bigg Boss OTT show. She was nominated on a premier night because all the other contestants have made the connections. If any contestant breaks their pair with anyone and makes a connection with Divya Agarwal then she can be saved.

In this way, the other contestant that will be left without connection will be nominated. Bigg Boss OTT is going to be fun this season. People are loving it much because it is of a new format and unique.

Bigg Boss OTT Winning Details:

Following are the winning details of Bigg Boss OTT:

  • Divya Agarwal became the Bigg Boss OTT winner. She enter the house on Day 1 and exit on Day 42.
  • Nishant is the 1st runner up of Bigg Boss OTT. He come in the Bigg Boss house on Day 1. He recieved the title of runner up on Day 42.
  • Shamita Shetty is the 2nd runner up of Bigg Boss OTT. She enter on Day 1 and remain in house till Day 42.
  • Raqesh Bapat is the 3rd runner up. He enter the house on Day 1. He got the title of 3rd runner up on Day 42.

Winner Divya Agarwal:







Bigg Boss OTT Vote Share:

  • Divya Agarwal share 50.81% votes in Bigg Boss OTT.
  • Pratik Sehejpal share 20.01% votes in this season.
  • Shamita Shetty has a Bigg Boss OTT Vote Share of 18.31%.
  • Nishant Bhat possess a vote share of 4.48%.
  • Raqesh Bapat share 3.78% of Bigg Boss OTT votes.

Bigg Boss OTT Guests:

This Bigg Boss OTT has a new theme so all the things are changed this time. Every week guests will come to the house to talk with the contestants. They can also give tasks to the contestants. Week 1 has started and three guests have come into the house. First Arjun Bijlani along with Karan Wahi came into the house. Their purpose to come into the house was to introduce Nishant Bhat. Then Malaika Arora visits the Bigg Boss OTT house as a guest. She came to introduce and advise the girl contestants in the house. As this show will proceed, new guests will come into the house every week and will increase the beauty of this show.

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